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The Weight of Invisible Suffering

You cannot see my scars. I have no visible proof of my suffering. You just saw ….

I’m So Glad I Was Wrong — A letter to my daughter

I used to think I knew everything; and then I had a daughter. When you ….

What Someone Living with Complex PTSD Wishes You Knew

Living with Complex PTSD (CPTSD) is never easy. There are hurdles to jump and bullets ….

Yes to No and Difficult Conversations

I’ve recently finished Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of YES,” and while I loved the entire thing, ….

Dear Moms: I’m Judging You Based on More Than You Think

I don’t really care how you define motherhood; whether you think it’s a job or ….

I Am Done Apologizing and I’m Not Sorry

I have spent most of my life apologizing — for being too much of this ….

Why I Paid for a Complete Stranger’s Emergency Contraception

Yes, that’s right. I paid $50 for a stranger’s emergency contraception. She was having trouble ….

I’m Basically Better Than Jesus

Jesus knows I’ve been suffocating these past few months.  I’ve been using social media as ….

I Do Not Miss My Mother

I heard an old song today, and it made me cry. It was a song ….


I’m in constant struggle with balance, and the pressure I put on myself is horrific. Sometimes I ….

I’m Sober, But I Still Love Getting Wasted

I love getting wasted. I love the way being completely shit-faced makes me feel, and ….