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10 Hilarious Similarities Between Potty Training and Politics

10 Hilarious Similarities Between Potty Training and Politics

It’s equally interesting and concerning how similar potty training is to politics. Here are 10 ways I’ve come up with. Feel free to load the comment section with your own!


1. Both scenarios involve trying to get someone who is full of shit to do what we’ve asked of them.

2. Bribery is a very common occurrence.

3. The shit-filled people seem to have all the power.

4. We trust, even though we have been lied to repeatedly, that we will be alerted to shit BEFORE it happens.

5. There’s often a lot of smoke and mirrors when shit is going down right in front of our faces.

10 Hilarious Ways Potty Training and Politics are The Same

6. It’s highly suspicious whenever things get quiet. Quite often, by the time we have all of the details, the damage has been done and there’s a heavy amount of clean-up involved.

7. There’s a lot of secrecy regarding what’s going on in the bedroom, and we’re usually really disappointed when we discover the mess that’s been made. 

8. There is a disturbing lack of shame involved whenever there is an accident. 

9. Even after the shit comes out, and the evidence is undeniable, people with shit all over their hands lie and attempt to deflect responsibility.

10. We continue to have faith in these people and believe that things will turn around and get better — even when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

Let me know how I did! Can you think of any more similarities?

If so, feel free to leave them in the comment section!!

10 Hilarious Similarities Between Potty Training & Politics - Pinterest


17 thoughts on “10 Hilarious Similarities Between Potty Training and Politics

  1. Just beginning this phase and already your list seems pretty spot-on. Sigh. More shit, different day. Was already following but glad Honest Voices led me here.

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  3. Seriously, so SO funny! I love this! On the precipice of training the twins and NOT looking forward to it.

  4. Thanks Lisa! Congratulations on being done!! I'm SO jealous. Potty training my daughter was super easy compared to this challenge. This is no joke! Do you train a girl or a boy?

  5. Thanks! #3 is my least favorite 🙁 I keep saying "Oh well, it's not like he's going to head off to college in diapers". Today, I'm not so sure.

  6. This was so cleverly written! And accurate. Though my potty training days are now done (Snoopy dance!) I remember it well.

  7. HAHA Love it! I'm knee deep in it right now and appreciated the humor 😉

  8. That's awesome…and sad. As a potty training mom AND someone disillusioned by politics, it's spot on. (Found you through honest voices).

  9. Very true girl!! I always enjoy reading your blog they are funny because they are true!! Thanks for the giggles!! 🙂

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