juliemaida.me about meMotherhood is hard, and I don’t pretend it’s easy. Parenting with mental illness is even harder, and I share my experience so that others might understand they are not alone.

My writing can be found Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, Huffington Post -Canada/Russia/Germany/France, Today Parents, Blunt Moms, and many others websites and publications. In 2013, I battled a severe bout of postpartum depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia; which made it impossible for me to remain connected with the outside world of support. So, I started writing, and I haven’t stopped since.

In May of 2013, I “came out” about my personal recovery in a post titled I Got Sober Today, on my blog Next Life, NO Kids. The post received an incredible response, and alerted me to the need for a supportive, judgment-free community for moms in and contemplating recovery. I founded sobermommies.com in May of 2014; which is now the registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, Sober Mommies, Inc. 

Sober Mommies has a dynamic and revolutionary mission and supports women in all stages on all pathways to and over recovery from substance use and misuse. All women deserve a safe space to recover, and so we nurture a supportive environment where #momsDOrecover.

I enjoy public speaking, and am the contributing editor-in-chief of sobermommies.com.

So many women have trusted me with their truths, and I believe that’s where the magic happens. When two or more women connect in protected vulnerability, incredible things can and do happen — every day.

Caring Means Sharing