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I Cried About a Song That Was More Than it Seemed

I Cried About a Song That Was More Than it Seemed

An old song made me cry today.

It was one my mother used to play when I was a child; and some fond memories came through of a time I loved her without caution.

I thought for a moment that I missed her, but it was just a trick I play.

I miss the who I wish she was. I miss the thought of who I imagined her to be. I miss the game before I knew the rules and how I was always destined to lose. 

I’ve reached the point of apathy where my mother is concerned, and treat her like a sharp razor. I know what she’s capable of. If I’m not careful with her, she will slice me wide open, and I will have no one to blame but myself. 

After a moment I remembered the song wasn’t real. The memory, much like a myth or urban legend told so many times I believed it true — drifted away — and the sadness sunk into the quicksand of the past. 

I cannot love my mother and feel worthy at the same time. I cannot trust her not to manipulate my desire for her to be something she never was, could, or will be.

I know this. 

My heart just sometimes wishes I could.

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One thought on “I Cried About a Song That Was More Than it Seemed

  1. I can so relate. This was a provoking and beautiful. Thank you.

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