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You DO Belong Here

You DO Belong Here

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like I’m on the wrong planet. You know?”

He looked so open to my thoughts, but also somewhat embarrassed and dreading my impending judgment.

I tried to think of what my parents might have said in response to this statement — had I even been able to vocalize the words at age eight — while one of them strapped a seatbelt around my waste.

I imagined how they would have laughed and told me how ridiculous that sounded, or teased me about being some strange alien force that had managed to sneak her way to Earth. Had I ever had the courage or words to describe that feeling as a child, I would have been made to feel so uncomfortable I would have vowed to never speak of it again. I would hold my breath until was convinced I was the only one who’d ever felt so alone in this world and wishing I could just tell anyone how lonely it felt.

“I do know. I know exactly how you feel. I have felt that way many times in my life, and I’m certain a lot of other people have experienced it too. You do belong here, My Love. And if ever you forget again, just let me know, and I’ll remind you.”

“Really?” He said.


Because we are beyond this world, and when we get lucky enough to meet others who can feel it too, it’s so wonderful to be reminded… we’re not alone. You do belong here

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